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Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes

Federal Court is vastly different from State Court. Federal cases are generally more serious, more thoroughly investigated and aggressively prosecuted. When you are charged with or being investigated for a Federal Crime, you need an experienced Federal Trial Lawyer. Hiring a trial lawyer, who knows the federal system, gives you a much better chance of keeping your freedom.

Your Federal Lawyer’s experience and reputation are important and can greatly improve the outcome of your case. Dwane Cates has that Federal trial experience and reputation you need.

Child Pornography Cases

The penalties are very severe. Besides long prison sentences, you could be made to register as a sex offender and be on sex offender probation for the rest of your life. With these sentences hanging over your head you need an experienced federal lawyer. In a Federal Sex case in North Dakota Dwane got the entire United States Attorney’s office for the District of North Dakota thrown off of a case. Dwane recently had a Phoenix federal jury trial in a child pornography case that set a national precedent regarding the Governments use of Torrential Downpour software. This is a software that monitors file sharing networks and identifies people downloading known child pornography files. If you are facing a Federal Child Pornography case, you have to have forensic computer experts, investigators, and mitigation specialists that you have worked within the past and that you trust, in order to properly defend these cases. Dwane has the experts and the experience and ready to defend you in your Federal Child Pornography case.

Federal Drug Crimes

 Only serious drug cases, involving large quantities of drugs, are charged in federal court. Many of these cases involve border crossings and can be investigated by the FBI, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, even the IRS gets involved. Fentanyl is the now the most trafficked drug. There has been a host of new laws written regarding this drug. One very serious statute punishes the dealer if they sell the drugs to someone that dies. This can carry penalties up to life in prison.

Federal Conspiracy Lawyer

 If you are selling drugs, you could be punished for the conduct of everyone in the drug trafficking organization that you had contact with while selling drugs, even if you are the lowest person on the ladder. You can be charged with conspiracy if even if you just discussed committing a crime and took one small step toward committing the crime. Dwane Cates has experience defending Federal Conspiracy Crimes. He knows in intricacies of these charges and has the expertise necessary to defend your freedom.

Federal Homicide Lawyer

 They have all the resources of the United States government to use in the investigation of your case. They will have the FBI crime lab, experienced Federal investigators from the FBI and other agencies all focused on convicting someone for the crime. Dwane Cates knows how to counter this. He represented a client with regarding to a homicide on a reservation. The client was charged with first degree murder facing life in prison. Dwane, using his negotiating skills, got the client a plea to second degree murder with only 12 years in prison. If you are charged with a murder case, in either state of federal court, call today for immediate help. (480) 620-8568