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Experience Counts. When your Freedom is at stake, you need the best Arizona criminal defense lawyer you can find.

At DwaneCates.Com, PLLC they do things differently.

I learned a long time ago if you do things like everyone else does, you will end up average. We do not strive to be average, we strive to be exceptional. I encourage you to call me directly to discuss your case.”

-Arizona Criminal Attorney Dwane Cates

We believe that Dwane Cates is one of the best Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers. Call him today (480) 620-8568.

Confidence and Experience Win Criminal Cases

Arizona Criminal Lawyer, Dwane Cates has been practicing law throughout Arizona for 25 years. He is certified as a Specialist in Criminal Law and was awarded the Tom Karas Award by the State Bar of Arizona. The Tom Karas Award recognizes lawyers who work to uphold the rule of law and the principles of criminal justice, by representing clients with exceptional integrity, fairness, tenacity, creativity, brilliance and most important, professionalism. This is a lifetime achievement award and throughout the years, out of all the criminal defense lawyers in Arizona, only 22 have won this award.

Mr. Cates takes only a limited number of cases to ensure that each and every client receives the best possible defense and the amount of attention their case deserves. If Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Dwane Cates agrees to take your case, he will personally handle every aspect of your case. You will have the criminal attorney’s personal cell phone number and he will keep you informed about your case. Most of the communication with the firm will be directly with Criminal Defense Attorney, Dwane Cates. He uses special law firm software that keeps your information confidential but allows you to have access to your file and court dates at all times.

Major Felony Experience

Attorney Dwane Cates handles mostly Major Felony Cases. There is no case too big. When your life, your freedom and your future are on the line, contact DwaneCates.Com.


If you are charged with a homicide or murder case, you need an experienced knowledgeable Homicide attorney to handle your case. Arizona Criminal Attorney Defense Dwane Cates has that experience. He handled a 30-year-old cold case where the client was charged with First Degree Murder in Prescott, Arizona. The client’s case resolved with her only doing 3.75 years in jail. In Federal Court, Criminal Defense Attorney Dwane Cates got the charges in a First-Degree Murder case reduced from First-Degree Murder to Second Degree Murder and the client was sentenced to only 12 years. He got the charges in a First-Degree Murder case in Phoenix reduced to possession of marijuana and the client got probation. This is just a small sample of the homicide cases Dwane Cates handled over his long career.

Sex Crimes

Being charged with a sex crime can be more devastating and carry longer prison sentences than homicide cases. The average sentence on a child pornography case is 12-16 years. If you go to trial and lose there is a real possibility that you could get life in prison. Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Dwane Cates has extensive trial experience in sex crimes and has gotten not guilty verdicts at trial. When charged with a sex crime, you need to hire the best Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney you can find. You also must make sure your attorney has at the ready, investigators, forensic psychologists that specialize in sex offenses and mitigation specialists. These are all essential to a proper defense and good outcome.

Drug Crimes

While small amounts of Marijuana are now legal, there are limits. Many people do not understand that law and get caught with more Marijuana than is legal. This can result in Felony Charges. Further, along I-40 there is a task force that does nothing but watch for people transporting drugs through Arizona. These arrests usually occur near Kingman, Flagstaff, Holbrook and St. Johns Arizona. There can be checkpoints with dogs anywhere within 100 miles of the Mexican border. If you get caught up in this or any other drug interdiction efforts by the government, you need an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney who has extensive trial experience.

DwaneCates.Com has the knowledge and experience to handle these cases.

Why Hire a Trial Lawyer?

You need to hire an experienced Arizona Trial Lawyer. While many cases result in plea bargains, the quality of your plea deal depends, in part, on the trial experience and reputation of your attorney. If you have to take your felony case to trial, and your freedom is at stake, you need to spare no expense and get the best trial lawyer you can afford. Be sure to verify your criminal defense lawyer’s trial experience before you hire them. As a certified criminal law specialist. Dwane Cates has been vetted by the State Bar of Arizona as having verifiable trial experience and they talk to the judges that handle the cases he tried, to make sure that he is one of the best trial lawyers and deserves this distinction.

High Profile Cases

Dwane Cates handles high profile criminal matters and all major felonies. He appeared on Dateline NBC in a two-hour special and has been on nation news programs as a legal expert in excess of 100 times. Dwane also received special training on how to handle the news media in high profile criminal cases from Emmy Award winning journalist Fred Francis and his company 15seconds.com. This means that he can handle the press if you have a high-profile case, including keeping the case out of the news when possible.

Serving All of Arizona

Arizona Criminal Lawyer, Dwane Cates appears in every court in the state of Arizona. He handles major felony cases from Yuma to St. Johns and Kingman to Bisbee. We have appeared in court in every county in the State of Arizona. When handling a case in rural areas, it is essential that your attorney knows what they are doing. Dwane Cates was born and raised in a small town in Wyoming and knows how to handle himself in rural settings. If you ruin your reputation in a small town, you will never be effective in that area again. His reputation in these rural courts is exceptional and he works hard to make sure to keep it that way.

Arizona Sentencing Laws

Arizona sentencing laws are very harsh because of mandatory minimum sentencing. Many times, judges have to give a sentence that the statutes require. That gives prosecutors enormous power. To combat that you need someone who has been in the trenches fighting for people’s rights. You need to have an Arizona Criminal Attorney who will work to uphold the rule of law, and the principles of criminal justice, by representing all clients with his exceptional integrity, his fairness, his tenacity, his creativity, his brilliance and most important, his professionalism. Tom Karas Award winner, Dwane Cates, embodies all these qualities and more.

We are ready to fight for your rights call us today at (480) 620-8568.

Dwane Cates

Meet Dwane Cates

When your life and freedom are on the line you cannot afford to risk settling for a “good” Criminal Defense Attorney, you need to hire the best. The best means the most experienced, most successful, most knowledgeable, and most respected. You need Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Dwane Cates. Dedicated to preserving your rights, Dwane attacks each situation armed with his own unique arsenal of tools garnered and sharpened with 25 years of experience and augmented by a track record of outstanding success.

Client Reviews

I was busted @ the I8 checkpoint about 50 miles east of the AZ/CA border with a very small amount of pot, I called up Dwayne and his people took care of everything, thankfully I did not have to drive back to AZ...


Mr Cates is professional, helpful, explained the entire process and got me great results. I recommend him if you want someone knowledgeable fighting for you.


At the first point from when I retained Mr. Cates, he was nothing but professional, and I felt that he really cared about my case. I could tell that after negotiating with the other attorney, delivering the...


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