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Criminal Defense Prescott AZ

Few things can turn your life upside down more quickly and devastatingly than a criminal charge or accusation against you. Without proper legal counsel and defense, you may unfairly face prison time, financial penalties, and the loss of your public reputation. If you’re up against a criminal charge, you want the best Prescott, AZ criminal defense attorney you can get — and that’s Dwane Cates and his team at Trial Lawyers and Counselors.

Why Our Team Should Handle Your Case

When you have Trial Lawyers and Counselors defending you in your criminal case, you benefit from years of accumulated skill, experience, and expertise. Either of our legal partners can serve as a strong advocate for your rights under the law and help you present the strongest case possible in your favor.

Partner Dwane Cates enjoys renown as one of the finest criminal defense attorneys in the U.S. At the same time, however, this award-winning, Board-certified attorney maintains a compassionate, empathetic approach toward people. He believes in treating each of his clients as an individual instead of a case number, and will work closely with you to earn your trust, listen to your side of the story, and advise you throughout every step of your case. His decades of experience and success in the legal field is matched only by his compassion and willingness to work hard on your behalf. He holds a law degree from Arizona State University.

Partner Aaron J. Reed displays the same dedication to criminal defense. This proven winner in the courtroom has always dedicated his professional life to defending individuals who could not defend themselves. The results have included many victories — not just not-guilty verdicts, but outright acquittals — for his clients in a variety of major felony cases. Like Dwane Case, he also works promptly and closely with defendants, offering free initial consultations and often returning messages or queries within hours, even on weekends. He earned his law degree (cum laude) from Arizona Summit Law School.

Practice Areas at Our Prescott, AZ Law Firm

Dwane Trial Lawyers and Associates defends clients against many kinds of criminal charges. Our range of expertise includes the following specialties:


Federal Crimes

When you’re charged with a federal crime instead of a state crime, the already-high stakes rise even higher. Federal courts tend to investigate and prosecute cases with extra vigor and intensity, imposing penalties as harsh as life in prison or a lifetime registration as a sex offender. Fortunately, our team has extensive experience in navigating these especially hazardous legal waters.If you face federal homicide, child pornography, conspiracy, or drug charges, contact us immediately.



Murder and homicide both involve the killing of an individual; the main difference is one of intent. First-degree murder is premeditated, while second-degree murder is intentional but not premeditated (as in a crime of passion). If you commit homicide, you cause someone’s death unintentionally through an accident or negligence. Another variant of homicide, manslaughter, usually includes reckless behavior as a cause of the death. Any of these charges can lead to serious prison time and/or fines. Our team can provide skilled legal defense in a murder, homicide, or manslaughter case.


Mental Health

Mental health problems can add serious complexities to a criminal case. A mental health challenge might mean that you are not competent to stand trial, or it might mitigate the charges or penalties against you. Our team has successfully employed the insanity defense in many cases so the defendants could receive treatment instead of punishment. We also have experience navigating the complex interactions between addiction and mental health issues in criminal cases.


Sex Crimes

Sex crimes in Arizona can include child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor, possession of child pornography, public indecency, and indecent exposure. Some of these crimes can lead to life in prison. We have access to a wide range of forensics experts, investigators, and other specialists who can help us defend you as effectively as possible.

Talk to Our Experienced Defense Attorney in Prescott, AZ
When you face criminal charges, don’t settle for just any attorney — choose the best criminal defense counsel Prescott, AZ has to offer. Explore our website today, and reach out to Dwane Trial Lawyers and Associates for the legal skill and expertise you need in challenging times.


I was busted @ the I8 checkpoint about 50 miles east of the AZ/CA border with a very small amount of pot, I called up Dwayne and his people took care of everything, thankfully I did not have to drive back to AZ…


Mr Cates is professional, helpful, explained the entire process and got me great results. I recommend him if you want someone knowledgeable fighting for you.


At the first point from when I retained Mr. Cates, he was nothing but professional, and I felt that he really cared about my case. I could tell that after negotiating with the other attorney, delivering the…