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Client Reviews

“I was charged with first degree murder in a 30 year old cold case. Dwane Cates fought my case for 3.75 years. Through his skill and dedication he got me a plea of time served. I was released from jail and went back to my dogs and my family. It was a miracle.”


“I was charged with first degree murder and Dwane Cates got the charges reduced to manslaughter. It went from life in prison to 8.5 years. I owe him my life.”


“Dwane Cates saved my life. He took my case to trial and won. It was a false accusation of child molestation and he won. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”


A lawyer who actually listens to you and cares about you is probably the best you can get. I would give more stars but there isn’t enough space so here is ten stars for phenomenal service!


I called the law firm late in the evening, Dwane Cates assisted me with questions that I had without an actual consultation. I texted him afterward letting him know I had excess questions due to my case being held the next day and was concerned. Again without hesitation he answered all my questions. The following day, I reached out to him once more (without retaining) he went out of his way. All around, very patient and a stand up attorney. Would highly recommended.


I have so must trust in Mr Gates law firm and will show how my bad MS and brain don’t make correct decisions. Please Dwayne law firm get my charges dropped and my brain can’t handle jail time, but I will be happy for probation. My brain disease doesn’t understand right from wrong Please fight as a bull for me and show I’m mental and MS is the worth brain disease on making decions not knowing what is right or wrong. Take the court system down for me Mr. Case. God bless !!!


Mr Cates listened to my situation carefully and provided the advice I required. No fuss, no drama just good service


Immediately after speaking with Mr. Cates concerning my ordeal, I felt a great level of relief concerning my situation. Mr. Cates is extremely knowledgeable and professional and his expertise is unparalleled. He answered all of my questions in a remarkable manner and showed me the best of support! Thank you, Mr. Cates and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!


After a long almost 3 years this man helped my dad beat his case. They beat 6 out of 7 charges and the seventh one was dismissed. Even though this case took forever Dwane Cates stayed very positive and never gave up or lost interest. I highly recommend this lawyer.


He & his associate s gave quality feedback, even on a misdemeanor ticket. They seem to be fluent in multiple languages, they took time to explain many avenues & outcomes, even on a very minor case. The free consultation was time well spent, and thier quote, was very affordable! I’d highly recommend.


I was very impressed by the staff at Dwayne Cates Lawgroup. They were compassionate and very easy to work with. They answered their cell phones, returned messages promptly, and were easy to communicate with. Tomasz Lichwala is a SUPER STAR!! He handled our case personally and was a fierce advocate for our family. I am very happy with his work!


Excellent and worth every penny without a doubt. This is the guy you want on your side. I am extremely confident in his abilities and he got me out of the worse situation one can imagine living in Phoenix, AZ. 10 out 10. And to tell you the truth, I fired my last attorney. Mr. Cates and his team took care of me from the very moment they signed on. I really really am indebted to Mr Cates and his team.


I was charged with a DUI in in AZ and I hired Mr. Cates to handle my case. My god he made the whole process feel less scary, and he was there to talk about all of the “what ifs” which made me feel like he cared more about me than just my money. Hopefully I never have to have Mr. Cates represent me ever again, but if I do need an attorney he is the first person I will always call!


Mr. Cates made a difficult situation much more palatable with his thorough explanations and his reassuring demeanor. His availability and dedication made us much more confident in a positive outcome, which he achieved. We could not have asked for more. He is a consummate professional. Thank you, Mr. Cates, from our entire family.


My son was charged with DUI and possession of marijuana. Dwane not only got the charges reduced he helped my son turned his life around.


Cates set the tone for the results we were able to achieve in our case. He kept us informed throughout the process and as a result of his know-how he brought about successful conclusion to our case. By meeting with the prosecutor and judge in chambers prior to sentencing- he made a huge difference in the final outcome. We are so grateful and hiring Cates made a big difference.


I was falsely charged with 7 F2’s. And Dwane believed in me and proved to the prosecution that they did not have a case against me. After 9 months I was released…free and clear. He was always available and worked closely with me and my family. He was honest and straight forward with me and with what I could be facing if I were to be found guilty. I appreciated his professionalism, availability and honesty.


I hired Dwane Cates to represent my son in a high profile sex crime. I looked up criminal lawyers on the internet and found several that I was interested in. I read Mr. Cates’ reveiws and thought he might be too good to be true. After talking to him we decided to hire him. Dwayne went above and beyond to visit my son, even on Christmas Eve. His staff is remarkable, also, very friendly and helpful! He did a great job and my son, visiting him often, keeping him informed and we got a great result.


I couldnt ask for more, i was moving from CA to GA and got caught up in a boarder inspection right inside AZ. I got a court date but was to be in GA at my new job i was starting so i called Mr. Cates. I did not have to appear in court and best of all my case was dismissed!!! thanks again for everything.


I retained Dwane Cates from Cates, Hanson, Sargeant, Rakestraw when charged with 6 felony counts by Yuma county. Dwane and his assistants were very responsive, knowledgeable and informative. I am very satisfied Dwane pled my case down to 2 misdemeanors (conditional felonies until i complete my unsupervised probation). Needles to say i would highly recommend Dwane Cates. K in Gilbert, AZ


Dwanw Cate is the most available lawer taht I’ve known. When you call him, he will answer you and he gets the answers for very promptly. His office staff is very proffessional and willing to assist the client day or night. Dwane helped us out at 10pm on the phone and met with us on a Saturday.


I had an allegation levied against me that the police investigated. I was freaking out. Mr. Cates was recommended to me. And after I contacted him, I understand why he was recommended. He totally calmed my nerves and immediately took action; telling me what I should do/not do, what I should be aware of. He guided me through my polygraph testing. In the end, the allegation faded away, and I credit Mr. Cates for resolving so quickly.


Thank you, Mr. Cates, and your law firm. You have been on track in taking care of my criminal matter. Even though I had you retained for the two years that I was incarcerated, when it came time for my court case, you were there for me even though it was such a long time ago. Again, thank you and Danessa for your courteous help when we called you many times througout the two years.


At the first point from when I retained Mr. Cates, he was nothing but professional, and I felt that he really cared about my case. I could tell that after negotiating with the other attorney, delivering the verdict that was best regarding all parties was top priority for Mr. Cates. He was not the first attorney I have had help me, however, he was the best.


Dwane recently handled a criminal case for me. He is extremely professional and very knowledgeable of the law. I would highly reccommend him for any criminal matter. I really felt like he was fighting on my side. I am so impressed as to how fast my case was handled.


Mr Cates is professional, helpful, explained the entire process and got me great results. I recommend him if you want someone knowledgeable fighting for you.


I was busted @ the I8 checkpoint about 50 miles east of the AZ/CA border with a very small amount of pot, I called up Dwayne and his people took care of everything, thankfully I did not have to drive back to AZ and in the end the case was dismissed. Thanks Dwayne!


I was a client of Cates, Hanson, Sargeant & Rakestraw and found the firm to be honest, friendly and quite fair. I was always informed of the status of my case and when I had a question, it was always answered courteously and professionally. I would recommend this law firm to anyone.